History of Moose Mountain Bus Lines

Moose Mountain Lines Ltd. was formed in 1953 when the Saskatchewan Transportation Company abandoned the Wawota-Kenosee line haul. There were six Saskatchewan Transportation Company drivers who started the company, Moose Mountain Lines Ltd. so as to continue a service to the southeast corner of Saskatchewan. They were Howie Erlandson, Archie Legerwood, Art Cross, Clayton Stewart, Jack Storgard, and George Allan. Then, in 1956 the partnership dissolved and Clayton Stewart took over Moose Mountain Lines Ltd. and he operated it until the fall of 1957. He then sold the company to Alex Bishop.

In 1989 due to Mr. Bishop’s passing, Moose Mountain Lines Ltd. was left to Alec’s wife, Jean Bishop and sons Tim and Rob Wolbaum. In 1990 this group of owners sold the controlling interest to Universal Fun Finders in Calgary which was owned and operated by Bob Dowie and Peg Anderson.

In 1993 the business was once again sold to John Fehr Enterprises – Beaver Bus Lines in Winnipeg, MB. At this time the name of Moose Mountain Lines Limited was changed to Moose Mountain Bus Lines.

To date it is still owned and operated by Beaver Bus Lines with Darwyn Blomquist in Regina managing the operations.

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